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zyonin's Journal

The musings and rants of an enigma

6 October
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Who the hell is is this guy?

Who the hell is Zyonin? That's easy, its a nick or "handle". Zyonin has no real meaning, just something I put together one day. It's unique and it works nicely for me. It's pronounced like Zion (as in the place in the Martix and nin (like nine but with a short "i"). In addition, I go by these other names: Lykofos (in particular with WoW related sites), Xinh (my oldest "handle" seen on DeviantArt among other places), lykothes (AIM and Xfire only).


I am an gay Native American maie living overseas (currently live in the Italian city of Torino also know as Turin). I am in my early 30s, male, and I am normally a nocturnal being by nature (an ex-boss compared me to a vampire as I was working the graveyard shift). Culturally I am a hybrid, having a mixed blood background (Native American/"Brit Mutt"), grew up in a small town/rural setting (in Montana) and I have spent much of my adult life in cities (Salt Lake City, UT; Las Vegas, NV; Athens, Greece; Torino, Italy).

In some ways I am a bit of an enigma. Currently on the outside, I appear to be your basic 30ish year old male. Nothing particularly special in appearance other than my hair (it's fairly long, middle of my back length) and the pair of goggles that sits on the top of my head. Pretty standard appearance for a stereotypical "geek" (minus the Cheeto stains ^_^ and my skin is darker than the norm). However once you get to know me, you find this is camouflage due the prevailing culture being a bit conservative (Turin is no Milan, London or Berlin despite what the locals may think).).

If I am in a situation where I am allowed to show my true colors, then one would see plenty of leather and latex (black please) plus the goggles, maybe the hair with some "interesting" colors (though its hard to do much with black hair like mine, think of black colored fine wire). Though I am not open however if asked, yes, I am gay, I just don't openly "advertise" my orientation. However mixed with the "interesting" persona is the pragmatic nature I developed as I grew up in the wilds of of the American state of Montana. I lived in an area were the deer outnumbered the humans and grizzly bears could be expected to "drop in".

So what do you get when mix that Montana outlook and way of doing things with a queer Native American geek with fetish tendencies? Me. Like I said, I am a bit of a enigma.

Some catagories that I could be put into:

  • Sexual orientation: Gay, not closeted however I don't "display" either.

  • Political outlook: Socialist (mostly) however I am centrist on some issues and conservative on others.

  • Language: English (North American), Italian (I can get by in the grocery store, however not much beyond that), Greek (same as Italian).

  • Social "cliques": Geek, Rivethead, Goth, Gamer, Queer, Fetishist, Artist, Biker, New Age-ish, thinker. However I am one of those types that are to put into a neat category and I like it that way.

  • Astrological signs (like anyone cares): Western - Libra, Chinese - Rabbit and the associated elements are Yin Wood.

  • Racial background: Native American (Taos Pueblo, NM), Celtic (Irish, Scots), a bit of English and French tossed as seasoning.

The Quick and Dirty List o' Interests

My interests are varied. Anime, RP (Pen and Paper and computer, never done any LARPing), Science Fiction, fantasy, leather, Native American music and culture, various forms of music (from classical to trance, industrial, metal, Dark Wave, Native American, Celtic, and many other genres), biking (both motorcycling and mountain biking), fetish (not going to go much further there), caffeinated beverages (I love good coffee and tea), cooking, and of course just plain goofing off

Games/MMOs and other Geeky stuff

My current online activities vary, however many of them revolve around the MMORPG, World of Warcraft, and the resulting community (actually at last check, WoW has a population size close to Moscow or Shanghai) that has formed around the game. I have been playing WoW since May of 2005 and currently play on the EU realm Bronzebeard (however my account is currently frozen due to cash issues). My guild is Serenity, one of the oldest guilds on Bronzebeard EU with roots that go back to the week Bronzebeard opened.

In addition I use the Lykofos, Zyonin (and Xinh) nick on WoW Interface, WoWUI.WorldofWar.net, WoWAce, Curse, Nihilum, Ensidia, SK Gaming, WoW.com, MMO-Champion and other WoW related sites.

I am active in the WoW UI field with several completed WoW UI compilations released as well as one AddOn release and another currently under development. All my UI releases can be found on WoWInterface (link to my Author Portal). I am currently in the beginning stages of learning Lua programming with a couple of WoW Addons semi-finished (and working). In addition, I have planned a PvP movie in the near future and possibly some work in the machinima field.

I also play the MMO, Guild Wars. I currently have a R/E (Ranger Elementalist), a W/E (Warrior Elemantalist) and a Mo/Ne (Monk Necromance). I am a casual Guild Wars player, I drop in, play for an hour or two then don't play for a week or two.

Other MMOs I have an interest in include Warhammer Age of Reckoning and Aion. I have played the WAR trial and liked it, too bad my PC didn't (lovely DirectX errors, my poor old PC is just too old and has too much duct tape holding it together). If I do upgrade my PC (or replace it) then WAR would be a serious candidate to eat my time. I like the Disciple of Khaine/Warrior Priest class (in particular the DoK). I love the idea of in order to heal your friends/allies, you need to bust some heads first. Melee style no less. If I do upgrade my PC to something that can run Crysis level games, then Aion is a strong contender for my gaming Euros. Guild Wars 2 is another contender for my gaming dollar as well.

Non MMO games include Starcraft, Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, Command and Conquer (almost the entire series), Homeworld.

I don't currently own a console, however I cut my gaming teeth on the console, first with the Atari 2600 with games like Yar's Revenge, followed by the Nintendo NES. Then the Sega Genesis and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 showed up my household. I did own an Xbox for a time, however I did not get to play it much due to household issues, however my Colin McRae Rally disc is still floating around the flat somewhere. I do own a PSP with a well played Lumines UMD, however I have misplaced the battery (update, finally found that damn battery).

Although I have not played in a few years, I am a fan of pen and paper RPGs. D&D and Shadowrun are my favorites. I have also played games set in the Rifts worlds as well as a few homemade RPGs. I have an interest in the Warhammer universe however I have never gotten started. Now where did I put that d20? I have never done any LARPing (such as Vampire the Masquerade) or "cosplay" type of gaming, however I do have a bit of interest in this area.

In the coding department: I am a beginning Lua coder. Its a interesting language to learn with. I may tackle another language like Perl or Python in the future however my focus is on Lua for use with WoW. I am self taught in basic HTML 4 and CSS however I do need to update my knowledge to XHTML/HTML 5. Nothing fancy but it allows me to create things like my custom Firefox start page. That experience with a markup language has made more comfortable with things like MediaWiki and BBCode. In fact, when I am posting on most forums, I find it to be faster to manually use BBCode tags as opposed to the little buttons at the top of most edit boxes. Yah, that is a bit geeky.

I am not one, for which "default" is good enough. I constantly tinker. A good example was my old Windows setup. That has continued into my Linux setup. I never use the default themes or icons, instead I replace them. Same with my Firefox setup. I don't even use a default start page, rather I use my own custom start page. Why use something prepackaged when you can bake your own?

Arts: Digital and Analogue

The last few years, I have been playing with a image editor (Paint Shop Pro and later The GIMP) and I am having a fair bit of fun creating custom images and such with found resources. I don't have to depend others for my avatars and banners as I can now create them myself. There is a nice feeling of achievement when you can upload your own work.

Artistically, the last few years, I have not done much. In my younger days, I did some paintings (acrylic landscape scenes), pencil drawing and poetry. My non digital artistic endevours are a bit hampered due to a lack of space in my flat. Digitally, I have been learning the ends and outs of Paint Shop Pro 7 , and I have started with The GIMP. Most of the sigs and avatars that I use on various web forums and sites are my own creations. I do have a Deviant Art page at xinh.deviantart.com however there is not much there at the present time. I have got plenty of ideas, its just getting the technical details dealt with to make my ideas into some kind of reality that is the trick.

All the rest...


I am a big Science Fiction fan. My interest in SciFi started in High School (thank you Larry Niven for corrupting me). Likewise I am a big Fantasy fan. Authors such as Robert Heinlein, David Brin, Jerry Pournelle, J.R.R. Tolkien, George R.R. Martin, Spider Robinson, William Gibson, Margret Wies, Tracy Hickman, Richard Knaak, David Eddings, Christie Golden, Larry Niven and more all share space on my bookshelf. Books set in the Warcraft, Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms worlds are in my regular reading rotation.

I do read some non SF&F books. Non SF&F authors include Tom Clancy, Larry Bond, and John Grisham.

I also enjoy reading comics. Favorite characters include various members of the X-Men. In addition, I read a number of web-based comics, many set in the Warcraft universe.


I am an amateur cook (with some professional chef experience) who loves to cook Mexican, US Southwest (the New Mexican blood is showing here, I love chilies!) as well as Asian cuisine. I also cook a fair amount of Italian (living in Italy helps here!). In addition, I am a big fan of caffeinated beverages (both coffee and tea). Living in Turin is great for a coffee lover such as myself as there is a metric ton of excellent cafes.


I am an avid cyclist. For several years, I rode to work (even the middle of a Utah winter) on my bike. I don't ride much currently since Torino is fairly compact (by my Western US standards) so its easier just to walk. However there is a number of trails and bike paths scattered across the city and leading into the greenbelt that lies to the east of Torino. When I do ride, I tend to be an aggressive urban rider and I will use what ever surface is available. If it is not occupied by a person, animal, vehicle or building then I am likely going to consider it fair game for a biking surface.


I also have a strong interest in motorcycles however I currently do not ride due to the lack of a motorcycle. Yah, I need to fix that issue though that is a bit expensive in Italy. I prefer Harley Davidsons and BMW touring bikes.


In the field of music, my tastes are quite wide and varied. Industrial, Metal, Orchestral, Opera, Trance, House, Native American, Celtic, Dark Wave, Jazz all can be found on my play lists. Favorite artists include Sarah Brightman, Nine Inch Nails, Pavarotti, Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, Robert Mirabel, Metallica (mostly the older stuff), Aerosmith, KMFDM, Front 242, Guns 'N Roses, U2, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Enya, Rammstein.

Music from movie and video games: Any of Blizzard's soundtracks, OCRemix's Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy 7 reixes (in particular "Voices of the Lifestream"), the Lord of the Rings OST, among others. Recently I have discovered some really neat stuff out of Japan such as the OSTs for Death Note and Noir.

I love smaller local artists who perform music in the various genres that I like. I always try to support local artists.Not a big fan of Country (though there are a few artists I like) and I strongly dislike Rap and mass market "Pop".


I am not a big watcher of television as I prefer to watch videos from the Internet or I am too busy playing a game or reading books. However TV shows I do like include: Babylon 5, Star Trek (TNG, DS9), and various shows on the Discovery networks.

Sports on TV

I do watch some sports on TV such as American football, football (aka soccer to Americans), ice hockey plus some Olympic sports like diving and men's swimming. Teams I follow include: Juventus, Seattle Seahawks, Real Salt Lake, Utah Jazz. I currently don't follow any particular NHL team, however the Penguins and Rangers are both favorites.

Things I don't like

Racism, intentionally stupid people, rap, the "gangsta lifestyle", closed minds, extreme right or left wing politics, most of the current GOP members (GOP moderates should think about joining forces with the Democrats. Shut down the GOP extremists!), "L33t speak" (you learned how to write in school, use it!), mornings (I am a night owl), people pushing their products and agendas (this includes PETA, religious missionaries of any stripe, telemarketers, Fox News), people who ignore "I am not interested", homophobes (in particular those who spread their homophobia far and wide), cabbage, eggplant, bad web site design (hello MySpace even though I do have a MySpace page).